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1. Age Requirements.  All registered players for the tournament must be of Little League playing ages (6, 7 or 8) for the 2022 Season.  

 2. Length of Game.  A new inning cannot start after one hour and 5 minutes.  To keep the games on schedule, there will be no infield practice allowed after the 1st inning.  All teams should arrive at least 20 minutes before a game to allow for warm-ups. If pool play, if tied after 6 six innings, or the time limit expires the game will be called tie. There cannot be a tie in the Championship bracket play. The game time in pool play cannot exceed  1:20 min.

 3. Forfeiture of Game. Teams must start with 8 players for a legal game, or the game will be forfeited.  There will be a 10-minute grace period until a forfeit will be called by the umpire. In the case of a forfeit, a win will be awarded with a score of 6 – 0.  

 4. Defense and Playing Time. Teams will play with 4 outfielders, or a total of 10 players.  Each player is to play a minimum of 3 innings in the field (or half the game).  There are NO specific player rotation rules.  

 5. Pitcher and Catcher.  This will be a machine pitch tournament, and the ball speed will be between 40 and 45 MPH. A pitcher position shall also be used and will be located within 4’ pitching machine.  There are no specific player rotation rules limiting the pitcher and catcher position.

 5. Batting.  A continuous batting order (all players bat) shall be used, though the start of a new game CAN result in the batter that led off the first game.   An umpire will feed the pitching machine, balls and strikes will be called; however, no walks or hit batsman are issued.  An at-bat must end with either a strikeout, a putout in the field, or the batter reaching base safely on a hit ball.  Bunting is NOT allowed.  If a hit ball strikes the pitching machine, the ball is dead, and the batter will be awarded first base and all runners advance one base from the base they started on prior to the pitch.  If a player arrives late, the manager shall place this player at the end of the line-up after the opposing coach and the umpire(s) are notified, and there is no penalty.  In the event a team starts the game with 8 players, an out will be recorded for the 9th spot in the batting order for the entire game, unless the 9th player arrives.  If a player starts the game and when a child is injured, becomes ill or must leave the game site after the start of the game the team will skip over him/her when his/her time at bat comes up without penalty (Rule 4.04).  If the player returns, he/she is inserted into his/her original spot in the batting order.  Refer to rule 6.07 in the Little League Rule Book for details regarding batting out of turn.

7. On-Deck Hitters. On deck hitters are not allowed to hold or swing a bat until it is their turn to bat; there are no on-deck circles. The only player that is allowed to hold a bat is the player up to at bat. No practice swings until a player gets to the plate.  

 8. Home Team. The home team will be determined by a coin toss conducted by the umpire at the start of the game during pool play. Once pool play is completed, the higher seed team shall be the home team.

 9. Run Limit. There will be a 5-run limit per inning. This rule is waived for the sixth inning (or the final inning due to time limit determined by the umpire) when each team can have unlimited runs.  There is NO slaughter rule. 

 10. Base Running. A base runner may leave the base when the baseball crosses the plate.  Stealing is not allowed.  If it has been determined that the player has left early, i.e. before the ball has crossed the plate, the play is immediately called dead and a warning will be issued.  The offending player will head back to the original base.  After the second warning the offending player will be called out.  Players may take a “secondary” lead once it crosses the plate but may not advance to the next base until the ball is put in play by the batter.

Players must slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag or be called out; player must slide feet first when attempting to advance a base and can slide headfirst when returning to a base.  Once the ball is controlled by any player within the “infield”, “time” can be asked for by that player.  If the base runner is in between bases, then the base runner will return to the base he/she is left. If a play is made on a runner at a base and the infielder does not control the ball, the runner may advance to other bases at the runner’s risk. 

 11. Courtesy runner. If a catcher is on base with 1 or more outs a courtesy runner MUST be used for the catcher. The courtesy runner shall be the player who made the last out during the inning.

 12. Bench/Dugout. A coach or adult must be in the dugout when kids present during game. 

 13. Pool Play & Championship Bracket Tie Breakers. After pool play has completed, 10 teams will advance to the Championship Bracket. The top 2 teams from each pool. If after pool play is completed, teams are tied for positions to advance into the championship bracket, the following procedures shall be used to determine final standings in the pool (in descending order):

a. Head-to-head competition (if only two teams are tied)

b. Runs allowed (if more than two teams are tied)

c. Total margin of victory in all pool play games.

d. Runs Scored.

e. Coin flip to be conducted by tournament director or representative. The team that makes the call will be the team that scored the most runs in any one pool play game.

 Once the first and second place teams from each pool have been determined, the following procedures shall be used to determine team seeding (in descending order)

a. Record

b. Runs allowed. 

c. Total margin of victory in all pool play games.

d. Runs Scored

e. Coin flip to be conducted by tournament director or representative. The team that makes the call will be the team that scored the most runs in any one pool play game.

 14. Zero Tolerance Policy. Little League Baseball and NCLL have a zero-tolerance policy.  Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.  Each participant and fan should treat the umpires, coaches and players with respect. Abusive language is not tolerated. A coach will be given one warning about unsportsmanlike behavior. If a second offense occurs the coach will be suspended for the rest of the current game and their next scheduled game. A Third offense is removal of that coach from the tournament. North Central Little League’s President will contact the offending leagues president about any incidents. Coaches are responsible for their families behavior.

15. Judgment Calls. Coaches, players and fans shall not argue with umpires regarding judgment calls.  Only the manager can question the umpire rule interpretation or to get an explanation of a call she or he does not understand.

16. Equipment. All players must be properly equipped for practice and games in accordance with Little League rules. Helmets must stay on the player’s head until the player reaches the team bench. A player throwing a helmet, bat, or equipment will receive a warning. If a second offense occurs during the game, the player will be either be called out (if bat) or removed from the game (if helmet or equipment). All male catchers must wear an athletic supporter with a cup. Athletic supporters with cups and mouth guards are encouraged for all players.  All bats must conform to Little League standards and have the USA baseball logo stamped on the bat.

 17. Park Safety and Field Clean-up. After each game, each team is responsible for cleaning up the ball field and their respective bench or dugout. All managers, coaches, players, and fans should abide by county park rule.

 18. Enforcement of Rules. Managers and coaches are expected to help enforce NCLL playing rules to ensure the safety of players, coaches, and fans.  In addition, an umpire or a NCLL Board member has the right to ask any player, coach, or fan to leave the park.  If the offending party refuses to leave the park, the umpire or Board member has the authority to suspend the game, and if necessary, call law enforcement authorities.

 19. Miscellaneous. Rainouts may be rescheduled, but not guaranteed. In case of extended inclement weather, the Board of Directors has the authority to modify the tournament pool and bracket play, or declare a winner based upon games completed.  For all other rules please refer to the Little League Rule Book.

20. During Little League games no smoking, tobacco use, or vaping is allowed in the park, parents will be asked to leave the park area if they are smoking, vaping or using tobacco.


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