Little League Night at Miller Park – June 26th

brewersBrewers vs Royals, June 26th at Miller Park

We are offering Loge Bleacher Seats for $20 and Loge Outfield for $25. This is a league fundraiser and $8 of each ticket sold is donated back to NCLL. We are using this money to for dugout improvements at Schoenecker Park – Dugout Covers and New Benches.

Little Leaguers and youth baseball players from around Wisconsin and Illinois will gather to cheer on the Brewers at Miller Park and take part in a pre-game parade around the warning track.  Join your teammates, family and friends and don’t forget to WEAR YOUR UNIFORM.

This event is a fundraiser for NCLL – All proceeds benefit our players invite family & friends to see your player march in the Little League parade at Miller Park!

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Little League Night at Miller Park Participation Details

  1. Line up for the parade starts at 5:00 pm. Please arrive at Miller Park no later than 5:00 p.m. The parade will be organized near the center field plaza outside Miller Park. League’s line up based on number of tickets sold.
  2. Look for the NCLL sign placed on the fence by Miller Park; begin to line up in your designated location by 5:00 pm. Players should line up with their teams when possible.
  3. The parade will begin at approximately 5:30 p.m. The parade begins at the entrance to the field near the right field foul pole and proceeds around the warning track to exit near the left field foul pole.
  4. Players must wear their team shirt and hat to march in the parade. Baseball pants are at the option of the team.
  5. Managers and coaches must wear their team shirt and hat. Only one manager and 2 coaches (in uniform) are allowed to walk with the team during the parade. No other adult is allowed to walk with the team in Miller Park (this is STRICTLY ENFORCED!) Parents need to confirm with the coach where to meet. Since all teams are seated together coaches will usually bring the team to the seat location or select a designated meeting spot inside the ballpark.
  6. Each player and coach MUST have their ticket to the game on their person. Players need their ticket to proceed with the parade into Miller Park, so parents please give your child (or coach) their ticket before the parade starts. Players will need to hold their own ticket as they enter the park. Everyone who enters Miller Park must have a ticket for the game.
  7. All players and coaches are to stay on the warning track during the parade.
  8. All managers, coaches and players are expected to keep walking during the parade and must not stop to take individual or team pictures. There are thousands of Little Leaguers that need to get through the parade and the Brewers still need to start the game on time!
  9. Parents may gather in the lower seat areas before the game to take pictures as their player(s) walk by. Remember, NCLL is leading the parade this year so after you get your player to the staging area get in to the stands right away so you don’t miss your photo opportunity.
  10. If Milwaukee Brewer players and/or coaches are present, please do not stop to talk to them or have any pictures taken. You are encouraged to orally greet them and wish them good luck in the upcoming game.
  11. You are representing North Central Little League so be courteous and respectful at all times.
  12. After completing the parade route, teams and coaches will go up a ramp that emerges on the Field Level near the Left Field entrance or Hot Corner Gate. No re-entry into Miller Park is allowed.
  13. Parents can meet their players at the above gate or coaches will take the team to the NCLL seating area. Please discuss with your coach how your player(s) will get to their seats or where you will meet inside the ballpark.
  14. ENJOY yourselves. GO BREW CREW!!